Principal's Blog

Week In Review May 27

Council of International School (CIS)

Last week I spent chairing a Team Visit to Cairns State High School.  The experience was a reminder that -

  • Being a member of CIS is valuable in that it provides an ongoing and whole community approach to providing 'work benchmarked' best practice.

  • Where educators come together with a shared purpose, special things are achieved.

It was a priviledge to be part of Cairns High School for a week.  It is a great state school - we share many similar programs!

2016 Goals

The next four weeks see 'the run in ' to the end of Smester One.  While most students are travelling very well, our goal is to have ALL students achieveing Personal Bests and at least at 'Pass' on their Dashbards.  Personalised support will be continued as needed.

Work Experience

To all businessess that have hosted our Year 10 Student this week as they have been immersed in real work life experiences, a huge thank you for investing your time in the future of each student.