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Week In Review May 13

Council of Internation Schools (CIS)

Next week I am heading a team carrying out Re-Accrediation for Cairns State High School.

Our membership of CIS began in 2002.  At that point in time, it was a great catalyst for improvement.  Over the years we have continued to benefit from having both work wide standards to evaluate our programs against, and a network of schools to assist us share best practice.

I have always found being a member of a visiting team fnatastic PD.  Many of our school's special features were picked up from ideas and programs at other CIS Schools.

On Monday, Staff will be involved in PD of there own.  The day is being run by 'Ticking Minds' focusing on literacy and numeracy across the curriculum.


A huge congratulations to our Generations in Jazz musicians on their success last weekend.  See 'Events' on the website for the report.

Ernie Fleming