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Week In Review February 26

Mid Term

From experience, each year has a familiar yet unique 'plot line'.

Mid Term 1 is a good time to reflect on the effectiveness of our 'base building' and the progress we have made with new initiatives to meet our 'continuous improvement' goal.

We have been particularly impressed by our new Year 7 cohort, the response to our 'workbook' strategy, the Inn impact and the contribution of our Year 10 student leaders.

Mid term is also the first 'real test' on an individual level with the first round of LAs due in the next week.  As indicated at our Day 1 Forums, helping all students achieve a Great Start Certificate is the first step in us achieving our College Vision statement of helping every student progress.

During the past week the highlights included, Inter-School swimming, the 2016 Motivational Media presentation of 'Everyday Heroes', the first of the Outdoor Ed camps and our bands playing at the Rotary Forums opening at Ulumbarra.

This week we have Aths trials, Outdoor Ed camps Nadine Champion presentation for Year 9 students and Term 1 Intermediate sports.

On Monday, we are running our Athletic Carnival at the Flora Hill track from 9:30am.  We would like to see you there!

The College Council annual general meeting and February Council meeting will be held Monday evening.  The key work of developing and keeping relevant key policies will get underway for 2016.

Ernie Fleming