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Week In Review April 22


Our BSE Remembers' ANZCA ceremony was a fitting reminder of the importance of 'stopping' to respect the sacrifice and reconnect to our values.

Special thanks to MrTramm, Mr Ludeman and their teams for organizing the ceremony for us.

Our school Captains, Amy Bilkey and Jack Ryan will represent the College at Monday's Bendigo service.

A reminder that Monday is a public holiday.


Please see following a message from City Council.

Given our size and being adjacent to La Trobe Universitym the message is partiularly relevant to our community.

'The illegal parking of vehicles adjacent to our school poses a safety concern to children, pedestrians and other road users.  Parents are reminded that it is essential to comply with parking restrictions when dropping off and collecting children from school.

Motorists must not stop in no stopping areas, even briefly, with or without the motor running.  They must not stop next to a continuous yellow edge line, on nature strips, too close to school crossings park over driveways or double park.  A number of schools have short term time restricted areas, such as 2 minute pick up drop off.  These parking areas are in place to allow for ease of access close to schools and these restrictions must be adhered to.  Drivers should also be aware that they cannot perform a U-turn over an unbroken or continuous dividing line.

With regard to children's crossing, the law requires that a driver approaching a children's crossing must drive at a speed at which the driver can, if necessary stop safely before the crossing.  Please slow down and take extra care when driving in school zones.

City of Greater Bendigo Parking Officers and Bendigo Police do conduct random patrols throughout the school year at varioius locations to ensure that motorists are adhering to the Road Rules.'


In two weeks time, on Thursday 5th May, the BSE sports team will be running the Cross Country Carnival.  There has been a change in the running of the day this year, with students attending their Block 1 & 2 classes before being involved in the carnival during Block 3.

Those who are avid runners will be representing their house in the 3/5km run whilst all other students participate in the 'colour Run'.  The BSE Colour Run was a huge success last year and the feedback from students was very positive.  This run will give all students a way of participating on the day, no matter what level athlete they are.


  • Friday 27th April - Interschool Athletics at the Flora Hill Athletics Track

  • Thursday 5th May - Cross Carnival

  • Monday 16th May - Staff PD Day - Student Free Day.


Mr Ernie Fleming