Vision & Values

Our vision is committed to ensuring every student develops the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to positively contribute to the world community as a responsible and caring citizen.

We encourage students to strive for excellence – to achieve more than is required or expected academically, vocationally, socially and personally.

Our College is a community, which promotes harmony, participation, friendly competition and opportunities for contribution, recognition and celebration.

We value the uniqueness of every human being. We teach the importance of love and respect, empathy, forgiveness, the need to work for peace and justice, honesty and loyalty.
Our values hold focus at each year level:

7 Teamwork - Working together to achieve shared aspirational goals.

8 Respect - Treat others with consideration and regard and be respectful of the rules within a community

9 Appreciation - Be generous in actions and words towards everyone who contributes to our world

10 Leadership - Accept we all have a role to play in modelling, contributing and serving others.

We are committed to embedding our values as habits so that they become observable attributes:

  • Readiness
  • Resourcefulness
  • Resilience
  • Reflectiveness
  • Reciprocity


Our Year 10 Graduate is ideally a young person who:

  • has a global perspective with an understanding of Australian culture and qualities
  • has the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to succeed and contribute in a global community
  • is articulate, confident, respectful and appreciative
  • has excellent teamwork and leadership skills
  • is resourceful, resilient, reflective and ready to take up opportunities
  • can use reasoning skills to face real-world challenges and embrace opportunities
  • is a fine ambassador for the College, their family, country and themselves