Event Reports

Victorian Eqestrian Interschool Series (VEIS)

BSE Equestrian Team Compete in VIES 

On the weekend the BSE Equestrian team, competed at the Victorian Equestrian Interschool Series (VEIS) grand final. (A second way to qualify for the Australian Interschool Nationals.) 

Sammi Browell and myself (Amy Bachmann) competed on the day in the dressage and Alexandra Kelly represented BSE in the Showjumping. 

Montanna Maud had also represented BSE at numerous qualification events but had to withdraw from the grand final due to horse injury. 

Sammi Browell got fifth in the Intermediate Preliminary 1.2 and fourth in the 1.3, receiving equal third place on the day, and coming an overall third place in the series, becoming a reserve for nationals. 

I competed in the Advanced (the highest level in the series) getting third in 5.2 and first in 5.3. I won the Advanced championship and won the VEIS Advanced series champion qualifying for my fourth event at nationals (but I can only compete in two). I also competed in the medium on my pony and came fourth overall. 

The BSE equestrian team did a great job on the day getting seventh overall in the series out of sixty-three teams and just missing out on a place. 

Written by  Amy Bachmann