Event Reports

VCE Top Dance Excursion

BSE Year 9 Dance and ACA Classes Attend VCE Top Dance Performance

On Thursday, 25th February, students from ACA and Year 9 Dance travelled to the Arts Centre Melbourne to see the, ‘Top Class Dance Performance.’

Each year the best dancers in VCE and VET are selected to take part in Top Class to perform their exam pieces. 

Students from schools across Victoria show works in a range of styles; Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Street. 

Every performance met the criteria in a different way showing us all the variety we can have when choreographing our performances.

Every performance also showed different structure, timing, speeds, transference of weight and agility. 

Before every performance the MC from the VCAA talked about each student's main focus and story idea, and told us what certain things that they had scored high for to look for in their solos.

It was inspiring to spend the day seeing such a range of choreography. 

Brittney Carron