Event Reports

Storyteller shares wisdom

Learning about 'speaking up'

On Friday May 5, Year 10 English students had the privilege of listening to Aboriginal author and storyteller Boori Monty Pryor.  

Boori’s talk was very insightful as he talked about the issues he faced growing up throughout school as an Aboriginal. He spoke about how he changed and bettered himself and used the support of people around him. His insights showed why we need to respect and appreciate the teachers, friends and peers in our lives.  

His talk aligned to one of our English topics of exploring "issues". As a class we are looking at whether a particular issue is relevant to a community, Australia or worldwide.  

The experience for students was very insightful and gave new methods of approaching topics, in particular that for any issue we may face we need to speak about it. 

This was another amazing opportunity in our school and another reason why we need to take every opportunity as it comes. 

— Felicity Dannock and Jemma Lyons, Year 10