Event Reports

Indonesian cooking on the menu

Cooking has no barriers

Visiting exchange students were keen to help our students learn more about Indonesian culture and cuisine. Here’s what Jed and Tyson thought of the cooking session. 

"On Wednesday we were cooking with Indonesian exchange students. We made delicious meals and everyone had a fun time doing it. We used Indonesian ingredients for the recipes that everyone did, but every group has different meals to do and I would love to do another cooking with exchange students. At the end all the exchange students were yelling out to me 'don’t go!' because I gave stuff to them. Also, I’m following four to five people on Instagram and I talk to them most of the time, everyone got along with me." — Tyson Begg, Year 7

"On middle block Wednesday and for part of lunch, we met the Indonesian year 11-12 exchange students and cooked some traditional Indonesian cuisine with them. The food we cooked included Pizza Mie (noodle pizza), Serabi (small pancakes), among other foods. And to go with the foods was the best thing ever. Sambal (Chilli sauce) was the best part of the Indonesian banquette. Sambal ini pedas sekali!" — Jed Bloomfield, Year 7