Event Reports

Indonesian activities inspire students

Cultural day includes music, dance

On Friday, July 21, Year 8 Indonesian students from BSE and other schools gathered at LaTrobe University Bendigo for a cultural day that included playing traditional instruments, cooking and undertaking a quiz. Here’s what some of them had to say about the event:

“I really enjoyed having the chance to meet students from other schools and learn a bit more about Indonesian that I may not have known. The first activity I did was a kahoot quiz based on Indonesian. I learnt some things that I didn’t know and it was really interesting. The second thing we did was make an Indonesian rap. This was really fun because we got to be a silly as we wanted and we also learnt some new phrases that we didn’t know before. 
“The third activity was the best, I think. We did cooking where we made Tumpeng. I didn’t know what a tumpeng was but it was really fun to make and we got to be as creative as we wanted which was fun, too. The fourth activity that we did was music. This was really cool because we got to play traditional Indonesian instruments such as Talempong and gongs. It was really fun to play all of the different instruments.” — Joelle Colliver 

“Our excursion was a wonderful experience that we were able to be a part of. We had lots of different activities that we got to do which were cooking, drumming, dancing and a quiz on kahoot. Personally, Connor and my favourite activity we did was drumming. For this activity we had a really nice instructor who was a very nice guy, full of fun. The reason we liked doing this was because of all the different drums we got to learn about and also a hit for us was listening to ario do his drumming which we really enjoyed listening to all the different sounds he could make. 
“To finish off the day, we had to perform a traditional indonesian dance called the Magical Deers dance. We had an instructor that helped us to perform this her name was Bu ning. We got dressed up in our traditional costumes that we had to wear for the dance and they were very amazing costumes that we loved wearing. The last part of the day is we got to listen to three of the uni students speak about Indonesian in uni and their stories about how they got involved in Indonesian and what they love about it.” — Connor Lyon and Dyson Daniels

“After lunch we had a kind of presentation. A couple of groups performed their raps, two groups performed the dances, mine and another group also played on the instruments from our gamelan activity. All in all the day gave us insight into Indonesian culture, it also taught us what paths we could take with Indonesian. With specialist Indonesian classes available at La Trobe Bendigo campus and teaching and intertwining study opportunities available through Indonesian I believe that I many others at BSE will continue our learning through classes available at BSE.” — Lily Haley-Farris