Event Reports

Day out with artists

Students learn from creatives

Academy of Creative Arts visual arts students heard from professional artists and viewed their exhibitions on an excursion to the Bendigo Art Gallery and La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre. 

They met renowned artists Abdul Abdullah and Pamela Irving; both represented in the gallery’s The Collective Vision: 130 Years exhibition, who discussed their works with the 23 years 8 and 9 students on May 16. 

In Abdul Abdullah’s photographic work, Abdul-Hamid bin Ibrahim, he references both his Muslim and Australian identify and speaks of wanting to build bridges between the cultures, when so much public debate is about division and suspicion. In Pamela Irving‘s ceramic installation work Ned Kelly and his China Plate, the artist references the history of Australian art through reproductions of iconic artists, such as Sidney Nolan. Irving discussed her ceramic and sculptural works, other art projects and how she uses Appropriation in her current and past work.  

Eden and Leila share their thoughts on the event: 
Today we were able to see the works of both Pamela Irving and Abdul Abdullah. First hearing from Pamela we were able to learn about what copyright and appropriation are and how we are able to get ideas from other artists' artworks. She told us about the type of works she has done, as well as some of her exhibitions. Abdul told us a lot about his family background and how that has influenced his art. We were able to learn a lot about his family and how your experiences impact your art. He showed us how he incorporated his and other people's cultures into his artworks. From both of the artists, we were able to learn a lot from them. The showed us to keep going with your art. We were able to see two completely different artists and their works, and how they saw art. 
— Eden Dunstone, Year 9 

Today, with other students, I was given the opportunity to go to the 'Day out with the artists' exhibition. Throughout the day we were able to explore the Bendigo Art Gallery and look at the artworks, as well as listen to a couple artists speak about their stories. We were educated on copyright and appropriation by Pamela Irving and discussed culture and perception with Abdul. Overall, I found it an extremely interesting and informative day and feel that it has really given me a different overview of art, as well as artists. 
— Leila Hill, Year 9