Event Reports

Year 7 CyberSafety

Monday Afternoon, Year 7 Took Part in a CyberSafety Session

This session highlighted implications for many online actions our students take for granted in their online activities. 

These included:
The use of location services, like “I am at the Airport heading to Bali with the fam”– gives messages that you are not at home …….Illegal downloads of movies.
Offensive comments, like "Who are your friends”? Best Friends, friends, acquaintances, randoms that are not all bad but could be cyber criminals, predators, pedophiles, undercover police and their friends.
Bullying, includes threats, intimidation, isolation, impersonating.

  • Cyberbullying is a crime – Telecommunication Act. – Zero tolerance
  • Threatening people, using offensive or abusive comments online. – Using online services to menace, harass or cause offence.
  • Defamation – calling people names and write nasty things online.  Stalking and Harrassment.
  • Consideration of the effects and consequences of Cyberbullying
  • The Bully, the target and bystanders and more bystanders and their friends are all involved in a CyberSafety bullying incident. By allowing offensive behaviour, by saying nothing or liking comments backs up the bullying. Support your friends by leaving the session, encourage your friend to leave the session and block the bully.
  • Customize your privacy settings.

Don’t listen or look – BLOCK.

Report them to an adult or to the online service you are using.

Kids HelpLine or tell an adult face to face.

How much are you using your computer for social media or Internet/gaming? Are you addicted? Does it get in your way of homework, or talking and doing activities with your family? Is your personal hygiene healthy, that you are sleeping 8 hours or more at night and eating good meals regularly. Reassess what you are doing online.


If images are not set to private they are accessed by Google. SET YOUR IMAGES TO PRIVATE.


Have to take photo down if you are requested to do so.

Plus a lot more.

What are the implications for you at 12, 22, 32, 42…..? A decision now will impact on your future.