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Butterflies & Giraffes

BSE VCE Biology Class Field Trip to Melbourne Zoo

On May 30th, two VCE Biology classes travelled to Melbourne to visit the Zoo.  We studied four endangered species and what Zoos need to know about them in order to save them. The four species we focused on were the Philippines Crocodile, Southern Corroboree Frog, Asian Elephant and the Helmeted Honeyeater.

We met Hilary, one of the Zoo Keepers, who explained to us what the Zoo is actively doing for these species. One of the most interesting facts we learnt was that the gender of a baby Philippine Crocodile can be determined by the temperature the egg is incubated at.

Some of the students responses following the trip were;

-  'we observed the behaviour of the Asian Elephants & learned about the breeding program and conservation.' 

-  'learned heaps about elephants, frogs and found it all very interesting.'

-  'learned about the importance of conservation and how it impacts our planet.'

-  WOW! such a good time!

It was a fantastic day, great weather made it even more enjoyable.  A big thank you to Mr Slingo and Mr Malloy for giving us this opportunity to view the Zoo in a new light.