Event Reports

Bob Mathrick Visit


Today in VET building, Bob Mathrick came in to tell us about his story. Bob is a Registered Building Practitioner who has 53 years of experience in both Domestic and Commercial work. Bob’s presentation included when he was an apprentice. He also explained how different the tools, wood sizes and the technology were back then. Bob explained to us about how he had many different specialized hand tools to cut wood to size and how frustrated he used to get when you always used to get the sizes wrong. He would then have to throw it out and do it again and again. He also told us that we currently have compressed air tool like nails guns, whereas previously, had to hand drill holes and hand hammer the nails. He also told us about how he is used to measuring in feet and inches. Also how it so easy now because you have technology to tell you the measurements such as laser devices.
Bob suggested for us to follow our dreams and most important that you have some fun at work. He reminded us not to be bossed around and let yourself get led into poor choices. Bob was asked of what he would he would expect from an apprentice if they desired this as a career option. Bob outlined that they would he would want to see why a potential apprentice would be interested in carpentry and not just wasting time.
I was able to convey thanks on behalf of the class by saying thank you to Bob for taking his time to come talk to us. I have learnt not to take processes for granted because we almost have it easy with all the new tools and technology
Tom Gordon 10H
Bob Mathrick is a very inspirational person to come in a speak to us today. It really gave us a good insight on the reality of how hard the building industry was back when he started his career. Bob has been in the building industry for 53 years and still going,. He has a very good idea on what he is doing. He told us how frustrated he use to get when the wood wasn't straight or to the right length with supplied timber in the earlier times. Bob was very funny on the way that he described his experiences on work sites. All of us are very appreciative of Bob coming in today and we all really enjoyed it and all had a good laugh.
Max Stewart 10A