Event Reports

Amy, Ethan speak up

Students compete in speaking awards

On May 24, Ethan Popple and I competed in the Plain English Speaking Awards (PESA) at Girton Grammar. 

The PESA competition can include students from Year 10 through to Year 12. The majority of students who competed were in Year 12, so we had some tough competition. 

The day consisted of a prepared speech in which we had to choose a topic that is an issue in society and write a five to six-minute speech to present. We also had to complete an impromptu round in which we were given the topic and had four minutes to prepare a speech. The topic was 'don’t look now!'.


Overall, the day was a great learning experience and allowed the two of us to improve our public speaking skills. I received the encouragement award, which was awarded to someone who the judges think have really great potential for the future. 

— Amy Manderson, Year 10