Event Reports

Academy Of Creative Arts Field Trip

ACA Visits Marilyn Monroe Exhibition (11th May 2016)

Today we went on an excursion to the Bendigo Art Gallery to see the Marilyn Monroe expedition. It was really interesting and had heaps of things to look at, from things she owned to the scripts for her movies.

In a lecture presented by Latrobe University, I learnt a lot about her as a model and actor. We also learnt heaps about career paths we could choose and the courses we can study at Latrobe. 

In the first presentation I loved analysing photos of her and how she made you feel when you looked at the photo. The other thing I found really interesting was hearing about what is was liked to be a female in the industry back in those days.

In the Exhibition, I loved watching snippets of her old films and seeing the difference between movies then and now. My favourite scene was the one from ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’ in 1957 when she is given a tiara and she asks ‘how do I wear these diamonds around my neck?’ and they tell her it isn't for her neck it is for her head. Marilyn’s character gets really excited and says ‘oooh I love finding new places to wear my diamonds’.

When looking at the expedition, I was really inspired and thought it would be so good for being known as such a versatile and talented artist.

By Millie Blow