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A class in ... Live Well

Learning to live well

Our subject Live Well involves a practical and a theory side. Year 10 is currently studying theory units, in particular understanding sexuality, drugs, mental health and fitness. 

Learning about these topics is important in order to be more aware of the changes people face and to grow and learn as an individual. In sexuality, we discuss and learn about relationships in order to help us for the future. In the unit drugs, we explore the different types and the effects associated with them. 

Mental health is about exploring the positives and negatives that some people deal with. We are gaining a general knowledge about how mental health impacts people individually, a family and the wider community.  

Throughout the year we will continue to learn that fitness, along with exercise, food and friends, is necessary for a balanced lifestyle. 

The topics we cover in each class are useful to everyone and worth knowing.     

— Grace Broad, Year 10