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Volunteers help Bendigo Chinese Association


Our students love to keep busy inside and out of the classroom, and it’s not just sport that’s keeping them active. We have a proactive group who volunteer with the Bendigo Chinese Association (BCA) as part of its lions team. 
You may have seen their dancing lions performances at the recent Bendigo Easter Festival. Their involvement is helping them gain confidence, build friendships and stay active. But best you hear it from some of them…

“The way I got involved with these activities is mostly inspiration from my brother, he grew up doing this and was involved in the lion dance team for more than 10 years. I’m so happy I got a chance and opportunity to join such an amazing community, surrounded by easy-going and caring people, not only are they just people, they are family. I may only still be a newbie but it’s only the beginning, and what a great beginning it's been so far. My confidence levels are smoothly arising, I’ve met so many new people, not only from BCA, but people from around the world that also do lion dance. Ever since I was little, I was very amazed and interested in such a beautiful culture and tradition, I’m now thankful that I’ve been accepted and finally given a chance to do something I’ve been passionate about for a very long time, all thanks to my brother, Daniel. I am very committed to what I do best” 
—Teah Kidd-Whyte, Year 10

“How did I become involved in the lion dances? When I was very young my Grandparents always took me to lion dance performances, causing me to become very passionate about the sport. Until I was old enough to join in 2013 I would always ask my Mum and Dad to sign me up to Chinese section of the Easter parade, but all that did was make me more eager to join the lion team. The five years that I have been a part of the BCA have been quite possibly the best and funnest years.” 
— Hayden Pearson, Year 9 

“My Mum has always been involved with the BCA and is currently the secretary and Easter coordinator. Because of this, I was born into the organisation and have been in the procession since a very young age. I was always in love with the lions, and finally joined the team when I was old enough. I have been in the team since 2014.”
— Tameka Poole, Year 9 

“I got involved in 2015 and what got me to get involved was just going to Easter and Chinese New Year performances and that really motivated me to want to do it more and more. Then, just after that Easter I started training hard and then started performing at the 2015 Harvest Moon Festival. What I like about it the most is that there is a great environment and really nice people in the team that encourage you and help you when you need it and also just the cultural stuff. It's really nice when you put in a years’ worth of very hard work and it all pays off.” 
— Jackson Dole, Year 7