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Arkie's on a roll

Tumbler wins gold, ready for nationals

Hi, my name is Arkie Starr MacRae and I do competitive tumbling at Palmer’s Gym.  

Tumbling is a form of gymnastics where you do different flips/summersaults/skills down an AirTrack. I recently competed at the Victorian Champs in Melbourne in late April and I placed first in under 13s in all of Victoria. This was my first gold medal, I have 12 silver medals so I have always been really close. 

I am so excited that I have finally come first. I was very nervous before the competition but as I started I felt more confident. I really wanted to do my best as I’ve been training hard for this comp. 

My twin sister Kaley and I have been competing for two years and train two days a week. I love tumbling and also like to use the trampolines. I’m hoping to be able to one day represent Australia with tumbling and I would also like to start trying new skills I also hold a second place national title for Level 4 Open Age Tumbling. 

I am representing Victoria at the Australian Gymnastics Championships in Melbourne in June with other athletes from Palmers Gym. My coach is Emma Carmody and she is a great coach and has taught me so much. 

 —Arkie Starr MacRae, Year 7