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Amy scores in dressage championships

Amy scores in dressage championships

On Sunday, February 19, I competed at the Skye Park Classic Dressage Championships, hosted by Berwick & District Dressage Club. 

I competed in the medium dressage against all of the big horses and professional adult riders. In 4.2 I received a 67.564% and a 63.205%, averaging to 65.385%. With this score I came second. In 4.3, I received 64.324% and 66.622%, averaging 65.270%, which put me in first place.

I won the overall medium championship against the big horses which was amazing. I also won the highpoint pony for the day. 

This year, organisers had an award for the pony which beats the big horses in an overall championship, and for this award you win a rug and $250. My pony, Louie, and I are the third combination to win this award and we are the highest level combination to do so. I am super happy with how Louie went, we won three rugs in one day with only two events and these were my highest scores.

My coach has said that she thinks that it would be great to go to Sydney CDI, so we are really considering it. CDI stands for Concours de Dressage International (International Dressage), and differs from 'ordinary' dressage events in having higher requirements for points.

I also have interschool state championships coming up, in which I will try to qualify for Nationals in the Medium and Advanced sections. Also, at the end of the year Victoria is hosting the Australian Dressage Nationals and I would love to compete at this event, as I have never done it before.    

— Amy Bachmann, Year 9